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Work in progress

So here it is, my latest attempt at maintaining a public-facing blog.

I’d put off setting it up for the longest time. I didn’t want to use WordPress because there were cooler, newer CMSes. And being a designer, of course I had to design and code my own blog. My coding skills were rusty, though – I last developed a site two years ago – and I needed to learn all the things I’d missed out on, like rem. Then, I might as well get familiarised with Git, Sketch, the latest frameworks, etc. too.

The list of skills to pick up never ends. Similarly, the amount of tools keeps increasing. If I continued waiting till I looked into all these newfangled things, the year would’ve gone by before I got started on this blog.

There wasn’t a catalyst, but I decided to ignore my insecurity/anxiety about not doing things “properly”. I spun up a new Droplet two days ago. Hanging out with the prolific, creative people of Makers Make influenced me to share works in progress, and that had the spillover effect of making me more comfortable with not knowing all these things I thought I should know.

I am a work in progress. And that is okay.