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Brief updates

May is the final month I’ll be working at the graphic design studio I co-founded with my partner. It was an intense journey – plenty of ups, some downs – and we’re parting ways on a good note. He will continue running the studio; I am looking for opportunities in digital design, specifically UX.

To prepare for my career change, I’ve been reading a lot. My “library” situation right now is a bit of a mess. There isn’t one single place I can go to look for something I’d read. I tweet/retweet some articles, highlight others, and save the rest as bookmarks or .webarchive files on my computer. I’m thinking of building a site to store all the links to things I find useful or interesting, for easy reference in future and for sharing. This will happen probably in July.

I’ve also been reading books from A Book Apart. I’ve finished HTML5 For Web Designers and CSS3 For Web Designers, and am nearly done with Responsive Web Design. I should create a mini-project after reading each book. I also want to review books I read – I suppose I can do so on the Collection of Stuff I’d Read site.

My boyfriend and I have been working with a local point-of-sale start-up on their app’s interactions and flows. Our meetings are casual; we focus on UI and UX issues, but we’re all foodies and chat about gastronomic matters as well. It’s great working with them. I like that we can bounce ideas off each other, and discuss problems and solutions as a team. It’s collaborative and not at all transactional.

I had written something in the WordPress app on my phone in April, but I “deleted” it by accident. This was me complaining to my boyfriend, edited for clarity:

I saved the draft, exited that post’s screen, and went back to it for another round of proofreading. I didn’t make changes and tried to leave that post’s screen again. A pop-up said I’ve got unsaved changes – “Discard / Save”. Since I didn’t make any changes, I selected discard, thinking it would discard the change (which I didn’t make), but it discarded the whole post!

That post wasn’t sent to the bin; it straight-up disappeared, and there wasn’t a way I could recover it. And it’s been so long now that I’d forgotten what it was about. Oh well.

I’m looking forward to a holiday with my family and boyfriend in June. These days I’m either reading articles or planning the trip. Planning takes me forever and I half-regret having volunteered to do it. The lack of time is stressing me out; I’m flying next week, but I’ve gotten only the first half of our vacation sorted. I can’t decide if I’m more excited or stressed about the trip.

So, that’s a couple months of my life in short.